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I’m so impressed by what Mike and his class were able to do in support of Free The Children…

Mike’s an incredibly passionate and impressive individual who has not only instilled in his class values of social justice and a belief that they can personally have an impact on the world, he’s also helping to create the next generation of entrepreneurs.  I sincerely hope that my kids have excellent teachers like Mike who look outside the class for real world lessons and have faith in their abilities to do amazing things.  Congratulations to the entire class on your accomplishments!

Mike Kelland, CEO BoldRadius, Entrepreneur

failure-quoteMike Kelland was an entrepreneur who visited our Grade 8 classroom to help us think outside of the box as we planned for our Entrepreneurial Adventure back in Janyar, 2014. He shared with us the idea that “failure is a good thing. You learn an awful lot from failure,” so we need to put ourselves into situations where we might fail.

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