poster1We all have that one teacher whose face we really want to put a pie in.

Well, on behalf of intermediate students at LDHSS, we’re giving you the chance to do exactly that. As we like to say: Make the world a better place, put a pie in a teacher’s face!

How, exactly, will we manage to make the world better by putting a pie in someone’s facial expression? We’re going to sell wristbands for only $5.00 each. You can also buy extra raffle tickets which puts you in a draw, and that determines whether or not you get to pie a teacher!

Cool, eh?

But that’s not all. Proceeds will be donated to charity, which is our way of trying to make the world a little better. But let us tell you a little secret: we’re trying to raise a million dollars.

Now, before you give a snort of derisive laughter and milk starts pouring out of your nose, hear us out. As Margaret Mead so rightly said: 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

This outlines our project nicely, don’t you think? Raising a million dollars is a far cry away from where we are now, but there’s nothing wrong with shooting high, right? We might not raise a million this year. In fact, we could be graduating by the time we finally reach our goal. But take a minute and imagine what that much money could do for someone in a distant country, trapped by the idea that kids are incapable of making their own decisions, having freedom, and hope.

A lot, we think.

But we’re taking baby steps right now, and we’re starting with the Pie Event. It won’t be a bore, we assure you. It’s going to be like an awards show, something you would see on TV (like the Grammys). If a teacher’s name gets called up, they get to go onstage and receive their delightful gift of a delicious pie, right in the face. And if you’re a Goody Two-Shoes, you can of course choose to give that pie to the teacher to enjoy in a more, how do you say, civilized manner.

Students also aren’t limited to using their tickets on only one teacher. They can divide the tickets among teachers however they wish.

We hope you’ll think about purchasing a bracelet and joining us for a fun afternoon full of pieing. 🙂

#Maketheworldabetterplace #Buyawristband

To learn more about Free the Children, click this link.



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