Welcome to our Phone Cases page.

We are a class-based company that sells custom phone cases and raises money for charity. We are also a part of the Make The World A Better Place project.

As of February 20th, our company has completed several of our goals. We’ve received an example phone case with the Ravens logo on it, as well as setting our website up. The exact location and time we’re going to sell the cases is also being finalized. There are two people planning on talking to the principal for permission, too, so we can actually sell things inside the school. Since the principal isn’t here today, though, the inquiries will have to wait.

We’re probably going to start selling before March Break, at any rate, and most likely before the end of February. It depends – we’ll see about that later. As for the cases themselves, we’ll be selling them from eighteen to twenty dollars or so. Also, we’re planning on having people prepay, but we’ll see if that works out or not.

Currently, we’re planning on creating a Facebook page, as well as doing a survey to see what kind of devices people have.



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