Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean you can just slap it into your project. 

Generally, speaking, you can use the image if…

  1. The image is in the public domain, or
  2. You have permission from the author, or
  3. The image is licensed under a Creative Commons license, or
  4. You pay for the image.

Creative Commons licensing

Check out this video by Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand which explains a little bit about copyright and finding stuff online that you are allowed to use legally.

(Generally speaking, we want to try to find photos that have a Creative Commons BY2.0 license.

Here’s a list of some of the places you can find creative commons images. (If you find more good resources, please leave a comment below with a link.)

Creative Commons search portal

  • It’s not a search engine, but it gives you links to other search engines that search using creative commons

Flickr Creative Commons (Attribution License BY 2.0) search

  • Find images that people have posted on Flickr that you are allowed to use (with attribution)

2012 Text Book Archive

  • All of the textbooks listed here are published under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. This means you can copy them, give them away, modify them as long as you get credit to the authors, don’t use it for commercial gain, and publish your work under the same permissions.

Wikimedia Commons

  • Wikimedia commons is a free collection of public domain and freely-licensed educational media content.
  • “Everyone is allowed to copy, use and modify any files here freely as long as they follow the terms specified by the author;”

Paying for Images

A stock photo of a teacher in a classroomSome of the images on this website are paid stock photos (i.e. $2.00 per image.)

  • We use Big Stock Photo which has over 16 million photos, illustrations, and vector images. You can check out their collection and then speak with me.
  • They offer two different licenses depending on how you plan on using the image. You can read about the difference between the Standard and Extended license here.




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