When someone says ‘wristband,’ I automatically think of a strip of plastic with words written on it.

Not very chic, right? Wristbands aren’t the best fashionable accessory, and we don’t blame anyone who thinks so. But what if the wristband is a thick, dual-layered, pretty one?


(We hope.)

The Better World Project is selling wristbands for only $5.00 each, and the first 100 intermediate students to purchase one get free hot chocolate, which is perfect for cold, wintery days like these.

The wristbands aren’t only pretty plastic circles, though. They’re passports to fun! Now, this might sound very cheesy, but it’s true. Having your very own Make the World a Better Place wristband is like having Costco membership. It’s sort of like a VIP pass that allows you to do lots of cool things, and the first one is the Pie in the Face event.

There will be more opportunities (limited to wristband owners only!) to come, so you should visit Maketheworldabetterplace.ca for future updates.

We hope you’ll buy a wristband ASAP!






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