First Intermediate Hunger Sleepover (Feb 2015)

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the Better World Project Hunger Sleepover Leadership Summit this weekend.

A special thanks to Andrea and Brad for helping to organize and run this event. A big thank you goes to Broadway Barrhaven, Councillor Jan Harder, LDHSS, and other individuals for donating to the event to maximize the amount raised for Free The Children.

It was a huge success on so many different levels:

Student Participation:

  • 56 students participated and 50 students slept overnight.
  • Kids had fun during our “village of 100 people” simulation in the caf, running in the halls during our global realities amazing race, and playing Mario Kart projected on the “jumbotron” blinds in the library.
  • Student quote: “This was the best Friday night I’ve ever had.”
  • Parent quote: “You really run a tight ship,” after checking in on his son and allowing him to sleepover.


  • Students raised over $4870 in pledges.
  • The average donation was $55. One student fundraised $1800.
  • 100% of the raised money went towards our $10,000 challenge for Free The Children due to generous donations that offset the costs of running the event:
  • Councillor Jan Harder did the introduction speech to students, and donated the juice for the juice breaks throughout the event.
  • LDHSS donated the first Friday breakfast.
  • Barrhaven Broadway donated Saturday breakfast
  • T-shirt, hoodies and chocolate hearts were also donated

Staff Support:

  • 15 staff members + 2 parent volunteers helped out with logistics / activities
  • 6 staff members + 1 parent volunteer stayed overnight
  • Thanks to Andrea, Souhila, Brad, Nan, and Steph for sleeping over.
  • Thanks to Sophie, Meaghan, Jasmine, Jennifer, Travis, Roddy, Maria, Ann-Marie for helping out with the activities.
  • Thanks to Mark for hanging out with us on his first weekend on the job.
  • Thanks to Patsy, Jen and Mark for admin support
  • Thanks to Don and his team for logistical support and to Emery for sleeping over.
  • Thanks to Cathy for letting us use the library space
  • Thanks to Carey for letting us share the sleepover with the secondary band camp
  • Thanks to Kent for cooking for us
  • Thanks to everyone else that I missed. (I’m still tired from the sleepover.)

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