How do we decide who to support / fundraise for?

How much money have we raised so far? Check it out:

  • YEAR 0: JANUARY 2013 – June 2013: $613.22 
  • YEAR 1: SEPTEMBER 2013 – JUNE 2014 $0
  • YEAR 2: SEPTEMBER 2014 – APRIL 2015: $10,717.38
  • YEAR 2 (CONTINUED): APRIL 2015 – JUNE 2015: $2,106.64
  • YEAR 3: SEPTEMBER 2015 – MAY 2016: $8,824 
  • YEAR 3 (CONTINUED): MAY – DECEMBER 2016: $4,739.47

TOTAL amount donated as of January 2017: $27,000.71


Year 0: January 2013 – June 2013
$613.22 donated

In January 2013, before the Better World Project officially began, two grade eight classes participated in The Learning Partnership’s Entrepreneurial Adventure.

Students in R8H and R8I with business volunteer, Emil Conde, fundraised $613.22. Students did presentations about various causes and in the end, voted to support Free The Children. The two classes also did “Dragon’s Den” style business pitches to come up with the idea of selling popcorn, and trying to sell wristbands for their website, Bassbook.

Year 1: September 2013 – June 2014
$0 donated

During the 2013-2014 school year, students from R8B and R8C again participated in the Entrepreneurial Adventure, and worked with business volunteers Peter Moore, and Brad Brohman.

We decided to continue to fundraise for Free The Children and to focus time on developing business ventures. The Better World Project extra curricular club started during this school year as well.

Events and fundraisers during the 2013-2014 school year included Pie in the Face 2014, selling popcorn, phone cases, wristbands, as well as hosting bake sales.

We also ran a vow of silence to raise awareness about struggles in the world. All in all, $2,105 was raised at Longfields and held over for the next year as part of our $10K challenge.

YEAR 2: SEPTEMBER 2014 – April 2015:
$10,717.38 donated

During the 2014-2015 school year, students from R8C and R8D participated in the Entrepreneurial Adventure for a third year, and worked with business volunteer Melissa Sharp.

The Better World Project extra curricular club expanded and we were on a goal to raise $10,000. Working with other school groups, including WEB, HOPE club, the drama production, the cross country team, and others, we managed to raise $10,717.38 including the $2,105 from the previous year.

Students in the Better World Project narrowed down possible Free The Children project locations to three regions. At a school assembly, Better World Project presented a giant cheque to Free The Children. The grade 7 and 8 students in the audience then voted to use this money to rebuild a school in Verdara, India.

Later on, we had the opportunity to present the giant cheque directly to Craig Kielburger, co-founder of Free The Children.

Fundraising business ventures this year included selling phone cases, rafikis, candygrams, wristbands, bake sales. Events included Pie in the Face 2015, We are Silent vow of silence, our first Hunger Sleepover, and a winter run.

year 2 (continued): APRIL 2015 – JUNE 2015
$2,106.64 donated

During the last 3 months of the 2014-2015 school year, students from the Better World Project continued their efforts by selling Indian sweets and samosas at Longfields, as well as at the Berrigan Garage Sale. Combined with the last few days of sales from the Pie 2015 event, we donated another $2,106.64 to Free The Children – India.

YEAR 3: SEPTEMBER 2015 – May 2016:
$8,824 donated

During the 2015-2016 school year, students in the Better World Project extra curricular club went through a 4 month process discussing issues of concern, present possible organizations to support, and then narrowed down the selection process to three issues with a local and global organization to support.

We then presented these organizations to all 700 grade seven and eight students at our school by going around to homeroom classes.

Students voted on the issues that appealed to them most and we announced the winners at a school assembly.

This year, our fundraising would be split between building a school in Haiti with Free The Children, and helping teens in Ottawa get through difficult times with Kids Help Phone.

Over 88 students fundraised and participated in our second Hunger Sleepover raising $8,824 in February 2016.

Students from R8E and R8F participated in the Entrepreneurial Adventure working with business volunteers Jenny Chen, and Raul Gonzalez. The students organized a dinner event learning showcase in May as well as sold Jars of Hope DIY cookie mix.

At the dinner event, we presented a giant cheque for $4,412 to Kids Help Phone and $4,412 to Free The Children. This represented the money raised from our Hunger Sleepover.

YEAR 3 (continued): MAY – DECember 2016
$4,739.47 donated

Money from the dinner event and sale of Jars of Hope and the balance of any operational funds in the Better World Project were combined and donated to Kids Help Phone and Free The Children – Haiti.

A cheque for $2,369.74 and $2.369.73 to the two organizations was issued in January 2017. This has brought our Better World Project budget down to $0 as we get ready for our next adventure.


Right now, although the Better World Project hasn’t officially started for the 2016-2017 school year, things are still in motion behind the scenes.

Students in grade seven and eight have been having discussions in different classrooms about respect, inclusion, safety, and empowerment.

Students from R8B, R8D, and MF8A have been working on a RISE up challenge to make life better. Right now (January 2017), some of these students are working on pitching an assembly to grade seven and eight students, challenging them to “RISE up” and make life better.

One of the ideas is to host our third (annual) Intermediate Hunger sleepover. The organizing students have focused on a theme of local homelessness in Ottawa. This is the start of a conversation.

How do we get us to see homeless people as people?

How do we get other students to see homeless people as people?

Although we are raising money for the homeless in Ottawa, students haven’t decided exactly on how to help the homeless. We are in the process of reaching out to guest speakers and organizations who work with homeless people to help open our eyes and to break some of our preconceived stereotypes.

Ultimately, it will be students who decide on how to use the money raised from the Hunger Sleepover 2017.

  • Students may decide to use the funds to create objects / purchase goods to help address homelessness.
  • Students might decide that the best way to help is by donating to an organization.

If students cannot decide how to help the homeless, then on June 1, 2017, the money will be donated to the food bank.

For more information on our RISE up challenge, please visit

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