Third Intermediate Hunger Sleepover (Feb 2017)

The third intermediate hunger sleepover is set for Friday Feb 10, 2017.

(Check out our First Intermediate Hunger Sleepover – Feb 2015 and our Second Intermediate Hunger Sleepover – Feb 2016 to get a sense of what we’re about.)

This year, the theme is RISE up and helping the homeless in Ottawa.

An optional assembly is being held on Tuesday Jan 31 for interested Grade 7 and 8 classes. Students who miss the assembly can come up to Room 354 to find out more information about the sleepover.

To visit the student website about the sleepover, click here: 

Parents / Guardians – If you have any questions…

Please contact Mr. Fuchigami who is the lead teacher organizing this event. I can be reached via email at [email protected] or via the school phone number at 613-843-7722.

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